The Foundation will always maintain a strict moral and business ethic in distributing grants fairly and honestly based on the needs of the Police Department and benefit to the community as determined by the Foundation’s board. The Foundation is committed to transparency and financial accountability in all its actions.


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Your tax-deductible donations, in any amount, will go a long way toward helping fund worthy projects and programs, which support our Police Department and, in turn, support the citizens of our diverse and growing city.

As today’s policing becomes more difficult and challenging and the demand for city's resources increases in many areas, some of the important needs of our Police Department are currently beyond the scope of the city budget. That’s where the Oakland Police Foundation is beginning to play a role. Our Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit and charitable organization which consists of residents, business owners and civic leaders who are committed to building a safe community. We provide private and direct funding to the Oakland Police Department so it may train and equip its officers to the highest standards possible and thereby provide the highest level of service to our citizens. The Foundation’s priorities are in these important areas:

• Officer Safety
• Family and Youth Violence
• Technology and Research
• Employee Development and Training

We believe that lives are saved, crime is reduced and our quality of life is improved when we give our police officers the tools and technology needed to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. The Foundation encourages community partnerships and collaboration as we work toward building a model city to enjoy and be proud of.

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